Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't know what to say

Well I've been in Egypt for over a week now. I still find it really hot. I moved to my fiances family's flat yesterday and am enjoying myself.

So far I have seen the pyramids, the zoo, the Egyptian national museum, and Muhammad Ail Palace (might not have that last one right.) The most commen thing I hear here is "Eat (insert my name) eat!" I would also like to add the the driving over here is crazy. I would love to give it a try though *evil grin*

I was looking outside to night and saw a white owl. I was like :O they have owls?? I thought owls only lived in cool places... but maybe that's because I associate them with pine trees and tree like we have at home. I am totally craving popcorn right now. I miss it. I used to eat it every-single-night. I haven't had it since I've gotten here. :'( lol.

I broke my glasses and I hope I get them back from the person who is fixing them soon. Wearing contacts so much drives me up a wall. My camera also broke that same day as my glasses. My fiance dropped it. Luckily I can still take pics and stuff, the lens just doesn't close right.


Sunni Hijabi said...


I'm glad you are enjoying yourself. :D Lol, at the coaxing you to eat thing. My family friends are Moroccans and Egyptians...and they love to force us to eat when we go to their house for dinner. We actually DREAD going to their houses, and we know not to eat before going. Lol.

Muslim&Proud said...

lol. i've had a friend that has gotten sick because she ate so much so she now is like "no i'm really full!!" i just say no and hope thy realize i'm not being rude. i just have a small stomach