Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Classes

The way my program is set up is I have to do a summer semester. This is that year. :( I enjoy my Intro. to Social Welfare, and Transportation class. I don't mind the Statistics class, but he took 2 days to explain mean and median... to a bunch of engineers. I'm sorry but we have known that since... o...7th grade? He at least keeps us busy with notes though. My steel design class was completely boring. And Foundations is an hour and 40 minutes of my professor reading out of a book. What's the point of coming to class? I feel like these last two courses are just to bore us out of our minds and make us go crazy.

Egypt-Africa Safari

I went to Egypt for almost 3 weeks. (I'm back now.) We went to a place called Africa Safari. It was SOOOOO amazing!! I got to hold a lion cub, something like a baby gazel (don't know what animal for sure,) have parrots on my shoulders, feed hippos, and feed baboons. They have a motel there too which was a nice boat ride to the island. We paid for a room with a private pool and got a free upgrade to a pool with a garden and huge room! I was such an amazing time-the most comfortable bed I've had in Egypt-and I got to swim for like 2 hours. The only bad thing was that it was cold. The weather changed and it was partially sunny and very windy. Other than that though we had such a great time. :)

My husbands immigration has been put on hold because of Egypt military, but he applied for that earlier this month. Insha'Allah he we get a denial letter at the end of the month and be with me before the end of the summer. :)