Friday, May 20, 2011

Egypt-Africa Safari

I went to Egypt for almost 3 weeks. (I'm back now.) We went to a place called Africa Safari. It was SOOOOO amazing!! I got to hold a lion cub, something like a baby gazel (don't know what animal for sure,) have parrots on my shoulders, feed hippos, and feed baboons. They have a motel there too which was a nice boat ride to the island. We paid for a room with a private pool and got a free upgrade to a pool with a garden and huge room! I was such an amazing time-the most comfortable bed I've had in Egypt-and I got to swim for like 2 hours. The only bad thing was that it was cold. The weather changed and it was partially sunny and very windy. Other than that though we had such a great time. :)

My husbands immigration has been put on hold because of Egypt military, but he applied for that earlier this month. Insha'Allah he we get a denial letter at the end of the month and be with me before the end of the summer. :)

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