Sunday, June 20, 2010

The last few weeks have been, well, everything.

I was stuck in the office at work for 5 consecutive days staring at the wall, reading 1984, and being bored out of my mind.

1984 it's a great book so far but thoroughly depressing. It's also another great example of what a government is capable of.

Thursday and Friday, I got out of the office! I worked a 12.5 hr shift the first and a 14.5 the second. I made 11 hrs of over time! But was also exhausted. We are replacing the draining system under the roads on the job right now and one side takes about 6hrs to do. They had to dig, then put it in, and then put soil on top and my part comes in. I have to take a density test to make sure it passes. If it doesn't then they have to compact the soil some more. We don't want the road washing out :)

Yesterday, I went to the mall with a friend I haven't seen since spring break (March.) I bought a pair of jeans, some pretty stuff, and a pair of pjs for my dad for fathers day. I got to chat with my friend and catch up. I also wondered what people thought of us. A hijabi that wears abaya with a girl in a tank top and rolled up jeans. Maybe it helps people to see we have non-muslim friends, to show we really aren't bad people.

Today my parents are having a fish fry! Siblings are coming. My uncle and grandparents may come. My aunts may come. The only bad thing if they come I'll have to cover for their husbands, which would make my grandparents uncomfortable. If they don't come then I just have to worry about my sister bring her... well boy toy of the month... if she does, even if my uncles are here I'm going to be pissed. This is a family get together, she has no right to invite someone who's a "friend," especially when she's pregnant with another mans child!

If you can't tell I'm getting highly annoyed with my sister. That's only the tip of the ice burg, and I won't share the rest.

Tomorrow work again! Probably over time, since we're doing the same thing again. But over time is niiiiice, hehe.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I drive through the town the got hit by the tornado to get to work, and sometimes to go out to my job site. You see pictures of tornado damage and what it does, but honestly, you never know how powerful it is until you see it in person.

Driving through, I saw at least 100 poles snapped a little off the ground to halfway up. The poles themselves weren't the skinny, one wire ones, but the ones that had think wires and 5+. It even took down 5 or 6of the HUGE poles that carry lines really high up to other towns.

The trees were uprooted, or snapped in half. It's crazy to see pine trees, or just huge trees with their roots sticking out of the ground. And really old tress that have been torn in multiple pieces.

The down houses, and damage to others houses was crazy too. A couple places had a huge hole in their roof, not the whole thing gone, just like it picked a spot and took that little bit. I feel so horrible for the people who lost their house and the ones who had damage. I wish I could go help clean up.

It's also crazy to see a twisted piece of metal that I assume was a roof on a garage halfway up a tree stuck there, the cart that was 5 feet off the ground in brush, a SUV that had been smashed so much everything was even with the hood, and the boat that had been smashed into the highway guard rail so hard you could barely tell what it was.

Driving through this all I could think was subhaAllah!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

OMG! Elhamdollah!!!

So today was not the ideal way of waking up. Waking up around 2ish to hear what I thought was thunder. Then around 4ish (I think) and having no power, pitch black to where my eye couldn't even adjust to the darkness.

Waking up around 8 ish, and got up. Ten minutes later power comes back on so I turn on the TV. I found out that a tornado hit less than 5 miles to my north. Now I'm completely freaked for not getting up when I heard the "thunder." I now know it might have been the tornado sounds, which I guess is like deep sounds kinda like thunder.

Elhamdollah, times a million.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


are amazing/cute little birds, subhannallah.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plane Tickets.

I'm looking for tickets, they're waaaaay too much. It seems like they want to milk you for every thing you've got.

I found this little video, kinda how I feel.

My cousin thinks that air travel is going to be a thing of the rich in a few years. I kinda have to agree.

The End of the World!!!

Everyone knows that the world is going to end 12/20/2012... According to the Mayans/Aztecs. The station I listen to in the morning was talking about how people are now making bunkers that will be like a cruise ship. Here's the best part. It'll only cost you 50,000 dollars to have it reserved.

They then started to take calls about if listeners know anyone who believes this to be true and/or is overreacting to it.

Ok... 1) Knowbody knows the end of the world, or when they will die. That's up to Allah.

2) We're all going to die sometime.

3) Do you realllly wanna be one of the few survivors? When something that's out of your capability happens, who are you going to go see to get it fixed?

4) It is based off of a calendar by one of the two groups about (I forget.) Are you really going to take advice from a civilization that died out? If they died out, then how do you know their calendar actually ended? How do you not know that the person/people just die.

One of the callers called in saying "I believe the world's going to end, we're going to be taken over by stupid people." Haha.