Thursday, June 10, 2010


I drive through the town the got hit by the tornado to get to work, and sometimes to go out to my job site. You see pictures of tornado damage and what it does, but honestly, you never know how powerful it is until you see it in person.

Driving through, I saw at least 100 poles snapped a little off the ground to halfway up. The poles themselves weren't the skinny, one wire ones, but the ones that had think wires and 5+. It even took down 5 or 6of the HUGE poles that carry lines really high up to other towns.

The trees were uprooted, or snapped in half. It's crazy to see pine trees, or just huge trees with their roots sticking out of the ground. And really old tress that have been torn in multiple pieces.

The down houses, and damage to others houses was crazy too. A couple places had a huge hole in their roof, not the whole thing gone, just like it picked a spot and took that little bit. I feel so horrible for the people who lost their house and the ones who had damage. I wish I could go help clean up.

It's also crazy to see a twisted piece of metal that I assume was a roof on a garage halfway up a tree stuck there, the cart that was 5 feet off the ground in brush, a SUV that had been smashed so much everything was even with the hood, and the boat that had been smashed into the highway guard rail so hard you could barely tell what it was.

Driving through this all I could think was subhaAllah!

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