Friday, October 29, 2010

Some People Should Not Be Parents!

ERRRRRRRRRR. This crap just pisses me off. When ever i hear of a child being shaken, starved or killed by their parents, well lets just say my maternal instincts would go crazy on them if I was around them. How can a game be more important than the life of your child? I don't understand it. Honestly the part of the punishment should be to make these people infertile so that they never have the chance to do it again...

O Tornados

This year has been crazy for tornadoes around me. I think we may have set a record for the number in one year. Once again this past week a tornado warning was issued. I happened to be in class and we just sat their talking and getting excited. Then after the alarms finished their message, class continues. We later found out if a tornado warning is issued you're supposed to stop class and go to the safe area (oops.) We were in a GREAT building for that-the engineering has a huge basement for all the kids to fit comfortably in, BUT when the alarm went of we were in the top floor of one of the buildings. Also, once class was done, we went outside to the other building, and watched the storm-this building is mostly made of glass-great place to be with a possible tornado -.- lol. But don't worry there were bathrooms close by that we would've ran to. My cousin said later after I told her this that "This doesn't put a lot of confidence in the future of engineering." I told all we needed to know was when to run.

No tornado, just a funnel cloud.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I have an interveiw tomorrow!

I have an interview for a co-op with a very good company tomorrow. I'm supper excited and really hope I get this job, isA. Please make du'a for me :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm beyond annoyed!

I started a new job about a month ago. They let me work a week and a half so about 28 hrs. and then they go "oops you can't work until you get tested for TB, drugs, and all your vaccinations are up to date. And you have to go though orientation." Well I'm a federal work study and they have rules, only 4 hours of work per day and they wanted me to attend an 8 hr orientation. Also to top that, you can't go to orientation unless all the previous medical things are done.... Which you have to wait a week between TB tests (they make you do two.) Teh HR person I've been "Talking" to isn't helpful. She takes days to call you back, doesn't answer your questions. I talked to her on Thur. or Fri. about this and she said, "if we can't let you do orientation Tue. we'll set something up later in the week, I'll call you on Monday." We'll Mondays come and gone, I called her left yet another message and haven't heard anything. I'm about ready to say screw it give me my money, and I'll get a work study on campus... this is complete bullshit. When I was hired I should have been given all this information, not after I worked almost 2 weeks. Also not paying me because it was your screw up is just wrong....