Monday, August 23, 2010

"Ground Zero Mosque"

This guy is soooooooo right!


I started college today. I was supposed to go till 5 and got out at 10:10 sooo :D

My birthday is coming up in the next week, and I'm turning 21! I want o go out with friends and be like "WOOHOO, I'm 21! Can I have a virgin margarita?" I just think it would be amusing. lol. I got my new drivers license picture done today. No more hair in my picture now :) I have my pretty blue veil on in it lol. They didn't even ask about if i wore it for religious purposes or not, which was nice.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Schools about to start

I'm excited. :D FAFSA was a nice help this year and I don't have to pay for anything but books-which was ridiculous. The school wanted 600+ for USED books. So I went to Barns and Nobles and bought all used ones for a little under 400 :) I have an AMAZING schedule-My week starts out long, then gets shorter and NO FRIDAY CLASSES! finally, elhamdollah.

I'm also in Egypt right now. Saddly I'll be getting back the Sunday before school. I don't want to leave hubby, and less than 15 hrs to get adjusted to American time before school and fasting again.

I'm also excited because this is the year we start with more labs and interactive classes of civil engineering. I thoroughly enjoyed my co-op this summer-even though what I did would seem boring, I learned a lot and enjoyed myself :)