Saturday, December 26, 2009

Highly annoyed

I talked to my family tonight and they told me about the attempted terrorist attack on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. Now when I go back I guarantee I'll be hand searched and I don't know if I can take both carry on bags. I'm so sick of idiots trying to kill people! (and of course they have to be muslim so the media portrays that we're all like that...)

Not only am I flying back in a few weeks, I am also taking that exact flight (amsterdam to detroit (i have a connectin flight from detroit so not to expose my identity lol). Well now I'm expecting a pat down and baggage search... and the people around me watching me 24-7 while I'm on the flight, so basically harassment. Although I got lucky on my flight to amstterdam on the way here. I sat next to a very nice girl who didn't seem to mind at all that I was muslim and we talked a lot.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Jet Lagg

I hate it! I've been here a little over a week and a, still wanting to go to sleep late. I try to go to sleep when my husband does but all i can do is sleep for 2 hrs then wake up and not fall back asleep (i normally take 2 hr naps at home). Then I get tired after breakfast and go back to sleep from like 6ish to 12ish am. I really hate it i wish I could adjust myself to this time.

I'm becoming an Egyptian wife!

My husband yesterday said I looked like an Egyptian wife. I have been trying to be better about making food and stuff for him but I'm not a good cook. It's so hard to learn over here because the food doesn't have a recipe, they just throw stuff together and it comes out-I can't do that. I make good eggs and toast with chocolate, soup with meat and rice, and... thats about all th egyptain food i've mastered lol.

Hubby's mom is in KSA now so i've been in charge of cooking and cleaning. I cleaned the first time yesterday.... he was so proud-he called me an Egyptian house wife. I don't like cleaning that much and if it was my own home I wouldn't mind. Also if it was my own place it'd be in america so it wouldn't need to be washed every 2-3days but every week or so (less dirt lol.)

Hubby's doing exams right now, so I hope he does well insha'Alallah. Wheb he's got a break I'm planning on going to Dream Park in Cairo, and to meet a friend in Alex, insha'Allah.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I have one exam tomorrow and two on Wed. ONe of my teachers let me move my exam from Friday to Wednesday so I could leave early. Wednesday night I am leave to see my hubby!! I can't wait :D

To everyone that have exams this week or soon: good luck, may Allah help you do well isA. To everyone who has them last week, sorry I missed you.

I love babies

When I go out and see a baby, I always have to try and glance at it. They're soooo adorable. I also love toddlers/young kids. When they look at me, I put on a smile and wave all cute like to them. I don't know if they think I look cool or weird with hijab but they allllways stare at me for awhile. (This happened before I converted to soooo...?)

I have 5 nieces/cousins. The oldest one is old enough to remember me without hijab and ask me why I wear that. When I told her she just gave me this stupid look and was like "ok." I hope she understands one day isA. The younger ones satisfy my wants of kids for right now (yes I want kids!) I wish I wasn't in college, cuz then I could start a family. Just playing with my nieces/cousins (one niece lives part time with my family) and seeing children when I'm out is enough for now.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Easy Mac- I Love You

I think it's one of the best things ever. A perfect amount of mac and cheese for a decent night snack or small meals. It is also a lot creamier than normal out of the box kind. lol.

On a different note... I went to the dentist today to get two fillings done. My jaw and teeth hurt, although the teeth pain is starting to go away elhamdollah. My jaws hurting more, Mom thinks it's from having my jaw open so long. I just took some pain pills so it should go bye bye soon insha'Allah.