Friday, December 25, 2009

I'm becoming an Egyptian wife!

My husband yesterday said I looked like an Egyptian wife. I have been trying to be better about making food and stuff for him but I'm not a good cook. It's so hard to learn over here because the food doesn't have a recipe, they just throw stuff together and it comes out-I can't do that. I make good eggs and toast with chocolate, soup with meat and rice, and... thats about all th egyptain food i've mastered lol.

Hubby's mom is in KSA now so i've been in charge of cooking and cleaning. I cleaned the first time yesterday.... he was so proud-he called me an Egyptian house wife. I don't like cleaning that much and if it was my own home I wouldn't mind. Also if it was my own place it'd be in america so it wouldn't need to be washed every 2-3days but every week or so (less dirt lol.)

Hubby's doing exams right now, so I hope he does well insha'Alallah. Wheb he's got a break I'm planning on going to Dream Park in Cairo, and to meet a friend in Alex, insha'Allah.

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