Monday, December 14, 2009

I love babies

When I go out and see a baby, I always have to try and glance at it. They're soooo adorable. I also love toddlers/young kids. When they look at me, I put on a smile and wave all cute like to them. I don't know if they think I look cool or weird with hijab but they allllways stare at me for awhile. (This happened before I converted to soooo...?)

I have 5 nieces/cousins. The oldest one is old enough to remember me without hijab and ask me why I wear that. When I told her she just gave me this stupid look and was like "ok." I hope she understands one day isA. The younger ones satisfy my wants of kids for right now (yes I want kids!) I wish I wasn't in college, cuz then I could start a family. Just playing with my nieces/cousins (one niece lives part time with my family) and seeing children when I'm out is enough for now.

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