Sunday, May 30, 2010


Ok so I'm confused. I get the whole you must have the same (money) wealth for a year before you pay it. (I mean above the minimum for donating)

Now I read that you subtract your debt from your wealth. Now I have a "loan" from my parents. I borrowed money from them for college with the promise to pay them back, but there is no paper work to prove that. Since it is in my intention then I would still subtract the amount I owe them correct?

When is the best time to pay zakat? I've heard Ramadan.

Also, if you have enough money, do you include gold into it whether or not you have more than 85g of it?

If you have enough money, does the one year rule apply to gold too? or since you already pass the limit of money, you have to include it right off.

And over here (US) does anyone know if you can get a bank account with no interest? I know how to get rid of them interest amount, but I don't know if there's away to get the interest off.



My little chocolate find!

I bought these yesterday they're soooooooo yummy.

They're called Chocolate Waterfall pieces by Wonka. They have milk and while chocolate in them.

P.S. I have no idea how that first line became a link?

My life as of right now....

I started my job. I love the field work, and driving my truck. I was scared to drive a truck because they're so massive, but once I started it wasn't bad at all. The office work is sooooo boring. I have nothing to do except read a technical report and that puts you to sleep within 2 minutes. I also enjoy my co-workers. Most of us get along fine, elhamdollah.

One thing I HATE about my job, having to get up at 530. On weekends I am now "sleeping in" until 7-730... SO not sleeping in!

(In conjuncture with my lost of pregnant women around in my last post. Three of my co-workers/spouses are pregnant, out of 12 people.) (I wonder if people were aiming for 10/10/10 lol)

I'm looking for tickets to go see my hubbers in Aug., isA. Saddly they went up by almost 200 today... So I'm just waiting.

I think I'm going to start posting stupid questions about things I think about during the day. hehe.

My parents have said no to cosigning.

That's about all for right now.

What's wrong with my hometown?

I come from a small white Christian town. So you would think we all have the morals of a good small town and what not. But out of my class of 140 so 70ish girls, we've already had greater than 10% of them have kids/have an abortion/get pregnant. I'm sorry but what is wrong with all these people? Is this what our country is coming too, so loose on morals that 19-20 yr olds can get pregnant and have kids when they're not married? Granted one on the girls has gotten married since then. What's really ironic, the two people who have gotten married before getting pregnant are still childless.

My 23 yr old sister is in the same spot, a "devout" chirstian who spouted off after her divorce "I'm not going to have any more kids, or sex again until I'm married." Well, she's pregnant. The guy is 19 and they already broke up and don't even speak to each other any more.

Also, how hard is it to use birth control? I've you're going to sleep around, protect yourself? (I know sometimes it doesn't work, but in the case of my sis, she used nothing.)

It also seems like everyone around me is pregnant too. It must be a big year for kids or something. Anyone else notice a lot of pregnant girls?