Sunday, May 30, 2010

My life as of right now....

I started my job. I love the field work, and driving my truck. I was scared to drive a truck because they're so massive, but once I started it wasn't bad at all. The office work is sooooo boring. I have nothing to do except read a technical report and that puts you to sleep within 2 minutes. I also enjoy my co-workers. Most of us get along fine, elhamdollah.

One thing I HATE about my job, having to get up at 530. On weekends I am now "sleeping in" until 7-730... SO not sleeping in!

(In conjuncture with my lost of pregnant women around in my last post. Three of my co-workers/spouses are pregnant, out of 12 people.) (I wonder if people were aiming for 10/10/10 lol)

I'm looking for tickets to go see my hubbers in Aug., isA. Saddly they went up by almost 200 today... So I'm just waiting.

I think I'm going to start posting stupid questions about things I think about during the day. hehe.

My parents have said no to cosigning.

That's about all for right now.

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