Sunday, May 30, 2010


Ok so I'm confused. I get the whole you must have the same (money) wealth for a year before you pay it. (I mean above the minimum for donating)

Now I read that you subtract your debt from your wealth. Now I have a "loan" from my parents. I borrowed money from them for college with the promise to pay them back, but there is no paper work to prove that. Since it is in my intention then I would still subtract the amount I owe them correct?

When is the best time to pay zakat? I've heard Ramadan.

Also, if you have enough money, do you include gold into it whether or not you have more than 85g of it?

If you have enough money, does the one year rule apply to gold too? or since you already pass the limit of money, you have to include it right off.

And over here (US) does anyone know if you can get a bank account with no interest? I know how to get rid of them interest amount, but I don't know if there's away to get the interest off.



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emzee said...

you should consult a proper muallim ( a person with ilm/ arabic for education) to know how to pay your zakat...

+ normally banks do not pay interest on current accounts... its only when you 'deposit' a certain amount, that they pay you interest for that.