Monday, June 8, 2009

I think I'm going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so lately I've been having really messed up dreams. Last night I was stuck on an island and a giant snake was going around the waters. We had to go back and forth between two islands by swimming and people were getting eaten by it. When I say giant I mean GIANT like...a mile long or 1600m. I got to the other island to do my job (funny enough it was as a civil engineer). It was a gold company that had underwater tunnels that people went into to search for gold. Well one of the holes kept having the worker disappear. They were like "go find out why this happens" thinking the pressure sucks him out of the hole or kills him. I knew why-the tunnel had an opening out to the water that was the largest... so big the snake could fit in it and eat the people.

The best part... I like snakes. I wouldn't go picking them up and kissing them, but when I see them I don't run from them screaming lol.

Next dream:
I was at Niagara Falls we decided to take boats down to see how close we could get to the top of the falls. Well the fall changed... instead of one bigggg fall it was a smaller one then the big. I was like ok we'll go up to the smaller on and look down safely. We'll we got there and looked for a bit then all of a sudden the boat moved down the fall. We went towards the edge of the big one. We got there and looked down and I was just thinking "We're going to go over!"

I've had more but forget them now. Just some examples of my mind being crazy lol


Msrawe said...

i know how that dreams will stop.
stop watching horror movies before u sleep :P

Muslim&Proud said...

they're not horror... ok the snake one kinda was. but the other ones are just sooo weird... lol