Friday, April 2, 2010


Well I officially have 4 weeks left of classes! Then exams, a week off, and I start my job.

I'm realllly hoping to go see my husband in Aug. I hate being away rom him, and it'll be almost 8 months at that point :(

I'm waiting for the first paper to go through to get my husband over here, that a pain in the ***. Why does the gov't have to make it soooo hard? I understand, the don't want non-citizen living off citizen benefits,they don't want to let in people in false marriages, and they don't want to let terrorists in. But honestly, why does it have to take sooo long and cost soooo much? Just make it impossible for them to get welfare and what not, also check up on them every few months or so to make sure it is a true marriage or what not...

I also found just out that I have to sponsor him. I have to make 125% over the poverty level. Since I'm a college student, I'm SOOOOO doing that... I would have to make 18-19 thousand to get him over here. I talked to my parents and they might cosign as a sponsor, isA. Once he gets ere I'll be living off what he makes, isA, so why does it have to be so much? Also, once I finish college I'll be making a lot more than the 125%... I wish they could take that into affect. 1

I also started buying stuff for our apartment. There was a huge sale so I went and saved more than i spent heehee. I got a comfitor, sheets, silverware, pillows, toaster, pans, towels, and a heated mattress pad. hehe, we'll need that... Egyptian+colder climate= me laughing my bottom off at my freezing hubby. My mom also gave me a couple pots, and storage containers. (I hope i need them within the next yr, isA.)

I also think I'm becoming lactose intolerant again. Summer's coming which means more ice cream intake. I've noticed I have certain symptoms of it after I eat ice cream or and dairy for that matter. It got better while I was in Egypt both times since I ad a decrease in dairy intake but it's starting to come back again. I don't mind it, it just means I'll have to slow my intake of ice cream which should help. To be honest I'm only wanting ice cream so much right now because it's warming up out. We've had very nice days the last 2-3 days subhannAllah.


Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

salaam alaikum!

Your post reminds me of the days when my husband and I were living apart (him in spain, me in the U.S.). We got married 2 1/2 years ago and 10 days after our wedding we had to sperate due to school. Needless to say it was hard spending the first year and a half living on different continents and only seeing one another every 6-8 months for a month or so at a time. Last May I graduated and a week later packed my bags and moved to spain to be near him. I know what you mean about how difficult it is to sponsor someone! I could have stayed in the U.S. and worked for another year and saved up enough money to sponsor him, and then wait another year or so to see if he gets approved but it felt too long! Instead I just moved near him and one day we plan on moving back to the U.S. if he finds an employeer who can sponsor him (hes a translator). I dont know what the government makes it so difficult for spouses to be together! My husband is moroccan and its even more difficult to get a moroccan sponsored! Is it possible for you to move near your husband once your finished with school? InshaAllah your parents will co-sponsor him! My parents wanted nothing to do with it and emphasised that it was my decision to marry him so I must leave and go to Spain (they basically kicked me out of their house after i graduated, im a convert also btw =)
Anyway, I wish you the best and just know that once the two of you are living together inshaAllah all the years spent apart will seem like nothing!

NoortheNinjabi said...

This convert sisterhood thing is awesome and all, but we should find something else to bond over :-P

InshaAllah your parents will cosign. That'll make it much easier. They say that there's a way to bring him based on what he makes at work or mutual assets you have, but I don't know much about it. Are you planning to use a lawyer or go it alone on the paperwork?

How long have you two been married? I know it's easier if you've been married for 2 years, because he gets a green card instead of a conditional visa (or so friends have said) and don't have to hassle with USCIS as much.

(Oh and Lactaid: the magic pill for lactards. It's a supplement that basically provides the digestive agent your body needs to break down the lactose...Makes life so much better.)