Friday, February 26, 2010

My sister's keeper

Granted if was a very good movie, but I HATED the mother.

The movie is basically about a couple having a third child genetically matched to use as spare parts. Their first child had cancer, so they had another daughter to take marrow, and a kidney, and stuff from her. The daughter was sueing her parents for the right to say what can or cannot be taken from her body.

I'm sorry but that just pisses me off, any parent who does that is basically saying to the child born, "we don't love you, we just want you to save our true love, (insert siblings name.)" Even if they get a child that matched it's only prolonging the child's life by a few years, which makes no sense. Also while prolonging one child's life they're taking away from the other child. When you're missing parts of organs how do you expect to live a normal life? I don't know how often it happened but I'm sure it does at least once in a blue moon. You can't pro-long life, only God knows when you will die and how, when our time is up it's up, you can't change that.


emzee said...

oh yes, i read the review of a book by the same name long ago. i was much younger and felt shocking pain upon reading just the review.

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