Monday, November 9, 2009

Praying with spouse

I was just wondering how everyone feels when you both pray together. I've only done it a few times but I enjoy it. I feel like were strengthening our relationship with God and each other at the same time.

I don't know if there's anything (surah or hadith) about praying with ones wife or not? Anyone know?


Anonymous said...

I have learned that praying with ones spouse supposedly is "worth more" than when praying alone. As with praying in groups is better than praying alone.

That is what I have learned from others, at least. I have not read it myself.

Gabby Hijabi said...

I am living in Michigan born in Ohio. Married to an egyptian, I have 2 kids Safiya and Yousef. Moslem 3 years. Married 2. In a post you asked me where in michigan am i from.. i live close to troy, sterling heights, and detroit. I am 24 (25 in march) it is awesome so see another convert like myself, and even more awesome to see you are married to an egyptian too. I have some recipes i can share with you if you'd like. It would be cool to find out that we lived close to one another InshaAllah.

Gabby Hijabi said...

Oh and i wanted to say that i too love praying with my hubby. Then again who doesn't.. It makes me feel so much closer to him while being close to Allah in the same time. I hope InshaAllah you and i can talk more.. so you live in michigan too>>?

Sister has Style said...

Asalamu alaikum sisters,

I've been Muslim for about five and a half years, married for one and a half to a Canadian brother masha Allah (I'm British), and I moved over to Toronto last year. I feel both benefit praying behind my husband but also on my own, both have their blessings I personally feel. You may all also like to check out my new blog

Wa salaam