Friday, November 20, 2009

Fast-A-Thon 2009

I don't know which schools do this but it's a day where the MSA gets students to pledge to fast and local businesses pledge money that is then donated to the local food bank. We also feed the students that pledged iftar. Well, we had this event this past Thursday, and it was a success elhamdallah. We raised like 200 for the food bank. There was a nice speaker about fasting likenesses in between religions but the sad part was that as soon as the speaker started, most of the non-muslims left :( But anywho, I had fun, but ate too much and was soooo tired/out of it and still had to drive home.

Hmmmm, news... almost done with this semester!!! I'm still looking for flights to go see my hubby, I REALLLLLY want to, and I just found out his dad will be there while I would. I haven't met him in person yet because he works in KSA but i really would like to meet my father in law. As of right now the flights are 1700 so I hope they go down isA.

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