Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm Debating

I realllly want to go see my husband. I'm thinking of going to see him during winter break for college. But I'm also trying to get a job. If I get a job I won't be able to go because I can't take 3 weeks off during Christmas when that's why they hire me. But to be honest, I don't think they're going to hire a Muslim when they have so many white/non-Muslim girls to choose from. They're not supposed to discriminate, but really they do.

If I don't get a job I'm pretty sure I'm going to go. I just need to find a decent priced ticket. That's the other thing, my exams end RIGHT before Chirstams so of course the airlines jack up the prices sky high. I'm going to talk to my professor about my last exam and see if he will let me take it a few days early so I can leave on Wednesday instead of Friday.

What makes no sense what so ever is that it would be cheaper for me to take a train to Chicago and get a flight from there than it would be to take the flight from the big international airport an hr away from me. I mean like 200 dollars cheaper (including the train.)

So right now I'm monitoring ticket prices and hoping they will go down when a lot of people don't travel because of the economy.

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