Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Today was the first day of my second year of school. I had 3 classes today. (I was late for 2 out of the three, one cuz I left late. The other see below.) I don't have my lab tomorrow!! Which is great because I don't have to get up at 630-7 to get there on time. My fist class is Calc. II at ten, fun fun... oops I lied... last semester schedule. First is Physics II, then Calc. II (I didn't fail, last sem. was all I not II lol) Then I have a nice 2 hour break where I will go to the library and hang with all my muslim friends that avoid the union like the plague during ramadan. (Kinda funny actually.) Then back to my last class which is Linear Algebra. So far what I've heard of this class... well let's just say I should run away screaming with my tail between my legs.

OK now to rant:
PARKING!!! I HATE YOU!!! I parked way out back for my first class, managed to find a nice spot for my second, and the third was a HUGE pain in the butt. OK people... I know you're not all rocket scientist, but parking SPOTS are made for a reason!! If they're not there DON"T INVENT ONE!!! I literally was working my way through a one way aisle that is actually 2 way praying someone wouldn't be coming from the other direction. People parked in the aisle, actually invented a whole new row in the middle of an aisle and were parking on the grass... GRRR. When I finally found a spot (after 10-15 min) I couldn't turn into it so i kept backin up (with the little space I had to opperate my car in) and ended up hitting the truck next to me. So I backed all the way up (hoping I wouldn't hit anything) and finally managed to pull in. I get out to look at my car, I have a nice long dent in the passenger backseat side, but I don't care, my car is old so... The truck of course didn't have any damage lol. So I didn't bother leaving a note or anything. (don't report me to the police!!! lol) Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more less crazy. It's always like this the first week or so, but I hate it!

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Nikki said...

Pariking at my university is awful, as well. First off, we can't park in the university lots unless we buy an $85 parking tag. I, of course, fork over the money, or else I'd be parking miles away at the bowling alley.

People don't really create their own rows like that, though, lol. If they did they would be ticketed or even towed. That's how seriously our public safety officers treat parking... People do create their own spots when it snows, though, because you can't see the lines. Then it is TERRIBLE, because there's so many less spots. Grrr. I'm getting angry just anticipating school in the winter.