Sunday, August 23, 2009


The first day is done, and I'm onto the second day! I don't remember it being this easy last yr. Last yr I fasted even though I wasn't muslim yet, I was starving by the end of the first day. This time I was hungry, but not like I remember from last yr. The only problem I had was that I had a horrible headache. I don't really have any muslims around me, I'd have to drive like 15 min at least to find one, so I didn't eat with a muslims family, but I did eat with my aunts family. :) I told them I got married too and they didn't kick me out of the house (they're the ones who have been giving me the most problems about my conversion.) My cousin actually congratulated me :) I know they're not happy though.

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Nikki said...

So I gather you're back in the states? When do your classes start...I go back Wednesday.

You need to e-mail me back! lol I'm confused about what is happening with your husband/living arrangements? Is he ever coming here?