Friday, July 17, 2009

Itch, Itch, Scratch, Scratch. AHHHHH

My friend got married a couple weeks ago. I attended her henna party. Well I got two hennas done. Except it wasn't real henna. Whatever that crap was gave me a rash right were it was. It itches like hell and when I itch it, it burns. I want to know what kinda crap was in that. I've never had an allergy before to anythinnnggg. All I know is that it was black, and took forever to dry. Then it didn't fall off like henna, you had to wash it off. Anyone know??? Even better- anyone know a cure?????


ModestJustice said...

Oh crap sister, they didn't even use henna. They used black dye. And people either already have an allergy to it, or develop one over time. D:
"Do you have a "Black Henna" tattoo that's starting to blister and itch?
You've been sensitized to PPD, para-phenylenediaime, and you MUST go to a doctor!"
"Most doctors have heard of reactions to hair dye, but they are not aware that hair dye is used by street artists to make black temporary tattoos. Tell the doctor that someone painted black hair dye on your skin, and the doctor will understand!"

Although I hope the rash doesn't get any worse!
Insha'Allah you'll get better sis!

Muslim&Proud said...

yeah. i researched it after this and found it out. my husband is going to take me to a dermatologist tomoorrow isA. so far its a rash but there is a couple blisters. i havent been itching it at all. and i'm going to contact the bride when she gets back and scream at her and have her call the lady to yell at her. the bride requested it and told me that it was fine. just black henna. i though... ok they much just add a different heb to make it black... not something harmfull. i'm also wondering if she was allergic to it. cuz she started itching too around the same time as me.

Sunni Hijabi said...

Yeah sis I agree with Modest Justice. That was "black henna". I don't trust it, I just use the red henna. :) Keep it all natural when it comes to temp body tattoos. The indigo dyes are OK when you want blue-ish, black dye...but I would still avoid it.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I've had this "henna" done a few times too. I've never had a reaction yet, but this makes me never want to get the fake stuff again. I'll stick with 100% henna from now on.