Friday, May 29, 2009

Packing and Swimming

I've started to pack for my trip (I leave in 19 days insha'Allah) I think that was a mistake now hehe. I got more stuff and it's the kinda stuff you don't want to put on top of everything. Like perfume and candy. My mom said to be careful since most of the candy they don't get in other countries and someone might take it. I hope that doesn't happen to any of my stuff but just in case I'm trying to hide it in the bottom of my case. My mom is saying that I'm going to go over the weight. But I hope not. 50lbs. is a lot lol. So basically once I get my next shipment of stuff, I will be repacking my entire bag :( O well, at least this gives me a chance to double check on my stuff :D

SWIMMING!!! I loooove it. I also really miss it. The last time I swam was at the Sister's Sports Night my MSA at college threw. This was way back in Jan. We walked out with wet hair at 5 in the morning to like 0 degree (Fahrenheit) weather. :S Well tomorrow my masjid is having a sister swim night at a local YMCA. I'm ooooo so excited! I miss it even though I'm not good.

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