Friday, December 10, 2010

Why must college be so expensive?!?!

I'm taking 4 credit hours at my main college next semester. 1 is my co-op and the other 3 is an online elective class so I will not be on campus at all. I'm also taking 4 credit hours at a community college near me. The community college is 340 for everything except the book. My main college.... 300 in fees alone! 900+ in tuition. One credit hour is almost as much as a whole class at the other college. Then my co-op credit is 500. I don't get it. I'm not even attending college in a class but they feel they have a right to steal 700 dollars from me?! My fees are general fees, ok I don't mind that one, but it's a lot, engineering infrastructure fees-WTH? I'm not going to be in an engineering building/class next sem. Engineering technology fee-same as above..... I'm not using their. computers.

They've messed with my FASFA so that it only pays for 4 credit hrs instead of all of it since I'm considered full time and stole some of my scholarship money away. I just turned something is which I hope will fix this.

Lastly, my college makes up have healthcare-which I'm fine with. Free medical services on campus. Since I'm only enrolled in 4 credit hours they took it away from me... They can't pu it back up-I have to purchase it out of my own pocket. If they would've put it up FASFA would pay for it. Now I have to basically go broke if I want it. And my mom wonder's why I'm for national healthcare (since now it's a rip off.) It looks like I'm going to be doing something I said I'd never do-get on medicaid-madicare, which ever one is for poor people.

I have been working since Sept. I have not seen a cent of money yet, and starting to get really annoyed...

Ok I think my ranting is done.


lina said...

salaam sister, i just went thru your whole blog, very nice and interesting.. Please do write a blog about how you and your husband met and got married..i can really relate and understand you because i am married to an amazing american husband and i myself come from the middle east =)

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