Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Three C's: Cars, Co-op, College!

Wellmy breaks went out today. I was going a max of 30 in a 45 and it still look me FOREVER to stop. They just started acting up yesterday (that I noticed.) I turned into the frist mechanic I found and got lucky. They did breaks, and they were also Muslim. So I believe I got a decent discount and a free oil change. The bad thing-they were expensive, and I missed work. After sitting there for about 4 hours, they decided they couldn't finished it so they sent me home in another car.

I do have one question though. Do Afgani's hate Russians? I though the owner was Russian at first and he seemed a little offend. I know there has been issues in the past but I'm not to sure (yea American world history teaching!)

I officially have a co-op :) I got in with a Muslim on accident again. I submitted my resume without knowing he was Muslim and he offered me a job. He is also a professor at my college. (I think I may have talked about this already.)

Two more weeks and one day of college! I'm SOOOOOOOO ready for this semester to be over with, I been so busy.

Next semester I'm taking one online class and one class at a local community college-yes going to two colleges at once :) lol

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