Saturday, September 4, 2010


Well it's memorial day weekend which means HUGE SALES! I went looking for some stuff for my apartment once my hubby gets here. I was only planning on getting this dresser, which was 40 for my husband, since my current dresser is completely full with my crap lol. We were looking and I was like, I need a table and chairs. So I looked and found ...

200! A GREAT find! I couldn't pass it up lol. I didn't check with hubby to see if he'd like it but since it was originally like 1100 I figured it couldn't get much cheaper than that. I mean you might be able to find a table for that, but a table and 4 chairs? hahaaa. So all I'm thinking is elhamdollah I went and saved a ton of money on this.
We still have a long way to go on furnishing the apartment. Some cooking stuff, couch and stuff, and then TV and blue ray player.

I would love to get a couch like this

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Maryam Zahoor... said...

That's very lucky of you.

weirdly, in Pakistan, in occasions such as Eid, you have prices soaring sky-high. And when sales do take place, you have just have crap available.