Sunday, September 5, 2010


If you can't tell I'm excited. The only part of pork I missed was the bacon. Most of the other products are just as good with turkey (sausage, ham) but I turkey bacon is just... yuck. (I never liked pork chops so I don't miss them, lol.) I finally found it at my local super market, and was so excited I practically ran too my sister jumping up and down, lol.

Now my bacon cooking skills are out of whack since it's been twoish years since I made it on the stove, but I didn't do too bad, almost got it the way I like it. Honestly it tasted really close, a ton better than turkey bacon. I think part of it is that it was the fat like the pork bacon does (yeah I know sounds grouse, but that's what give it the flavor.) Or it could be my mind saying, this is soo much better than turkey bacon and I forget the true taste of pork bacon. But whatever if they continue to supply it I will buy it. It's so yummy! lol.

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Nasir al-Din said...

So true. I love bacon way too much. Being a recent Muslim revert, I still get tempted to eat bacon every now and then! I know how you feel. Yummmmmmy. But not good for the soul. :(

If you have time, do visit my blog, and give me some tips on how to become a better Muslim (and avoid bacon!).

Allah Hafiz!