Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm alive, I swear.

I've been sooo busy. College has been taking up all of my time. Today is my first time fasting again, thanks to my friend and traveling.

I went up north to my parents cabin for the weekend with my family. My brother and his wife took us off roading it was fun until we go stuck in mud that was like 6-12in deep. We tried calling AAA (they're a pain in the ass) and since we weren't on a "road" they wouldn't come and get us. We were less than 200ft off the road... I have a few other things about AAA that annoy me... but that's a different story. I went fishing twice with my sister, I didn't catch anything :( but my sis caught a small fish.

Lastly my niece.... I wanted to take her fishing just so I could shove her out of the boat. She's only 8 and is annoying as hellllll. I mean it's not the whole kids annoying, but the spoiled little brat annoying. If she doesn't get her way she whines and throws a fit that can last forever. She also has NO respect for her elders. She told her mom to basically shut up and her mom didn't do anything... I almost blew up on her for that. She also tells us what to do. I don't understand how parents can let their kids get THAT bad. I mean, I understand that some parents don't like spanking their kids cuz they think it's abuse but when they backtalk and have no respect for anyone that's their older they need to do something. I hated time out, they should try that (and not the time out that makes them go to their room, but the time out where you have to stick your nose in a corner and don't move until you're free.) I also think that spanking your kid is not bad, as long as you don't do it to hurt them.

Hmmm..... well college is crazy I have no free time. I also miss my hubby a TON. Tomorrow is the MSA iftar again. I have linear algebra homework to do... I HATE clac II whoever thought of this stuff needs to go back in time and not think of it lol. I'm a trig person, I guess.

OK so for the good stuff, My 2 month anniversary passed :D The traveling home from up north was not as bad as I thought it would be. I have less than 3 hrs until iftar :) Tomorrow will be Wed. which is hump day!! WOOHOO lol.

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Nikki said...

I think a good spank is warranted at times. Depends on the kid and the situation.

And I love love love what you said about calc II! 'go back in time and not think of it' ooh, boy. I'm an algebra girl myself. Analytic geometry was pretty fun, as well.

Calculus can go to the dogs.

...oh, and I'm planning to write back. It's just, school comes first and with my son I just can't seem to get ahead. :/