Friday, September 11, 2009

I hate it when people think that...

you converted for your husband. I was talking to a lady at school today and she said that. Then later in the conversation I had to add in that I was interested in Islam before I started really talking to my husband. I was interested in it in like Oct. and we started talking a lot in April. I got a surprised look from her.

I just wish people would realize that:

No my husband did not
  • make me convert
  • make me wear hijab
  • make me wear abaya
I chose to
  • convert
  • wear hijab
  • wear abaya.
If I had converted for him, I wouldn't be praying or fasting... since it'd be easy to tell him I was since he's still in Egypt. BIG :( I wouldn't feel bad when I miss prayers (did that yesterday... bad me! lost track of time when doing homework :S hope it doesn't happen again.)

To be honest I have become more attached to the veil since I got married. I think I will start to like abaya more than I already do when I'm back with hubby... I started wearing it right before I left him :( I like the knowledge that he's the only guy that can see my hair and stuff. It make me feel more special than what I did before. I don't know if anyone else feels/felt this way or am I just crazy. If you say I'm crazy it's ok, I'm pretty sure I am :D

Anywho, plans for the day are as follows
  • juma
  • come back to college and do an online quiz
  • go hang out with a friend
  • eat iftar
  • go with said friend to first home football game of the season... go my team!!


Skye said...

salaamz sis i hate that so much they automatically think you are married cause you have a hijab on or your say your muslim... the west has a very confused view of islam grrrr..

Nikki said...

I hate it, too. :( My Arabic teacher just found out that I'm Muslim and her first reply was "Ooh, so he got you." I didn't even respond because well, it was in the middle of class, but I don't want her or the rest of the class to think it was just something I did to please my husband. I made sure to tell her after class that I just reverted in June. She knows my husband and I have been together longer than than (obviously bcuz our son is 10 months old) so hopefully she can realize it wasn't something he asked of me.

Converting to Islam for me was a very empowering thing, where I went against what everyone expected of me in order to follow the true path to God. When someone assumes I've converted for my husband, instead of empowering, it makes me look weak, as though I would do all of this for a human being!