Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4 day weekend

Thank you veterans day for giving me a 4 day weekend from school. I still have to work tomorrow and Friday.

Anyhow, hubby's papers have been processed and approved, elhamdollah. They are now being sent to the embassy and he will have his interview soon, isA.

I am STILL looking for a co-op. I'm losing hope. I had an interview on Tuesday, and he would have given me a job but the job he was going to give me wasn't passed in the election on Nov 2. so therefore no job.

My sister had her health baby elhamdollah. She's also staying with us.


Meandother said...

me encanta tu blogg !!
Te podrias pasar por el mio?
y dejar comentario?
y sit e gusta me sigues?? muhahaha
piedo muchas cosas ee ahahah

Samirah said...

congrats come and check out my blogs and