Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dearest Statics

I wish you were easier. I hate taking 6 hrs to completely finish you... Why must everything get messed up when I use one wrong sign on you, or mix up cos and sin??

But I got it done =D elhamdullah. I do like the class just not the homework.

I have a job interview tomorrow wooohooo!! I had one earlier this week with JCPenny but i didn't get called back. :( Tomorrow is Bath & Body Works-I love this store and I hope it all goes well insha'Allah.

Hmmmm... what else... OOO I forgot, so my friends from my college/masjid started up a convert group and I was invited to go up north with them to watch a movie at a house with the group up there. I think I'm going to do it because I don't have any work now that statics is done :)

I'm looking for a co-op in civil engineering and I realllly need help-if anyone knows of one pleaseeee tell me :-D

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Gabby Hijabi said...

i love love love bath and body works. In fact shortly after i married they had a sale on perfume, body spray, and lotion.. the lotion and body spray was like 5 for 25 so i bought 9 body spray and 1 lotion ( i dont use lotion too much) and also 4 bottles of their perfume and it lasted a long time.. i am hoping they have another sale like that :)